Signs of a toxic person

10 Signs of a Toxic Person in Your Life

Lately, everybody has been struggling and facing many issues regarding the toxicity of a person or a partner, but they don’t even know how to discover it and what are the exact personal traits that push an individual to be unconsciously toxic. We have decided to shed light on some of the most common signs of a toxic person, which will help you in identifying them and taking action as soon as possible!

It is true that toxic people exist all around us in every walk of life. We can find them at work, on social media, in our family, with friends, in our neighborhood, and in so many other places as well, but they always show up in our lives when we least expect them, making us suffer emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually! It is true that sometimes things happen and there isn’t anything one could have done about it, but why do we choose to accept it? Why do we not ask ourselves “what if I did something different” or “What would be different if I had taken another path?” Why do we stay blindfolded and continue suffering instead of changing the course? The truth is that most of us are victims because we don’t see the bigger picture; we live only for ourselves without any real awareness about what is happening in our lives or around us.

But worry not, at MidnightKey we’ve got your back  -Here are a couple of steps that would let you unveil a few common signs to watch out for and that lay behind someone’s personality:

1 – Lack of Safety

If you don’t feel safe with your partner, friend, or family member, and if you can’t openly share your thoughts and feelings with your person then you might be dealing with a toxic person. If the person you’re with makes you feel as if your voice doesn’t matter then that person is not worth keeping around. If you feel like you’re always editing yourself, hiding parts of yourself, and you’re afraid of what they’d do, say, or how they would react then that person is toxic. A person who truly loves you and appreciates you is someone who’s gonna give you space to be imperfect but also hold you accountable at the same time. You feel that this person wants what’s best for you and that they are looking out for you. You can tell each other the good things and the bad things, as well as openly talk about what or who is hurting you without fearing that they would love you any less.

2- Bad Communication

Bad communication is the pillar of every bad relationship. Communication exists to make solving issues and moving past them easier, instead of getting lost in too much unnecessary and ridiculous ideas that might bring everything down and put an end to the relationship. People have different ways of communicating but a toxic person would find any possible option to either avoid communicating altogether or to use bad communication practices.

3- Losing Yourself

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself then that is also a sign because finding yourself doing things that you don’t want to do just to please someone. This can manifest as violating your core values, going places that make you feel uncomfortable, or spending time with people who set off your anxiety alarms.  It’s up to you to recognize these patterns and set healthy boundaries. It’s your job to say no, assert yourself, and live in alignment with your values. But toxic people will often become resentful, frustrated, or angry when you set boundaries or live your values however, try to move past the people pleasing and understand your value.

4 – Belittling and Shaming

Another sign of a toxic person is if they make you feel belittled and ashamed. If a certain person does make you feel less than everybody else, belittles you, and makes you feel stupid or ashamed then these are all signs of emotional immaturity of the person you’re connecting with which means that they are undoubtedly toxic and you should move on as sooner as possible.

5- Manipulation

If you’ve ever been controlled or manipulated then you should change your mind about that person. A toxic person usually likes to control other people and try to drag them on their own terms to make them feel as if they’re the dominant ones who should give orders and say no or yes whenever they feel like it and try to put some silly limits based on false pretenses, love, feelings, and jealousy.

6 – Mean Jokes and Sarcasm

A toxic person turns everything into a joke even in the most serious and saddest situations and this is a sign of immaturity, they usually like to be sarcastic neglect a certain person indirectly, and act as if they did nothing, especially in awkward moments in front of other people. They turn you into the butt of the joke without your consent and make you feel bad about yourself or make others view you in an inferior manner.

7- Guilt tripping

Have you ever heard this sentence from your partner or a friend: “If you love me or you’re my friend then you have to do this thing for me”? Then this is called ‘guilt-tripping’, which is a clear sign of a toxic person. If someone uses your care, love, or goodwill against you for their own gain, then that person does not have your best interests at heart and might do you more damage in the long run than you think.

8- Never in the wrong

You’re the only one who’s always apologizing, and asking for forgiveness and making the first steps then ‘ding-ding-ding!’ we got a toxic person on our hands. Toxic people will never apologize for their words and actions because they can’t see anything wrong with them. They feel that they are the victim and will often twist and re-tell what happened to such an extent that they honestly can’t see an alternative perspective.

9- Exaggeration and over-the-top attitude

If they seem to exaggerate everything. This is one of those irritating toxic traits that can easily get under your skin because it’s such an effective form of manipulation. They always seem to have examples to back up what they’re saying and seem to relish in using them to evidence your shortcomings and lack of interest and commitment in them and your relationship with that person.

10- Constant Judgment

If you constantly feel judged. Making mistakes is often how we learn, improve and develop as an individual. Yet, toxic people can make it feel like the end of the world and destroy your self-esteem by passing judgment on everything you do. They take pleasure in provoking you and using it against you especially when you’re around friends and family for extra ammunition.

Now that you know the signs of a toxic person, do you have any stories of your own?