woman tries to find her passion and get out of depression

How to find your passion when you are depressed

Everyone has a weak side, everyone goes through terrible times which can cause grief and sadness. These feelings fade most of the time within a short period of time. However, depression is a state of mind where a person feels worthless, intense sadness, or feels “blue”. So, how do you find your passion when you are depressed?

Researchers have made finding passion in a depressed mood doable. The research revolves around the impact of a gene associated with mental illness on triggering creativity. A study has found that the highest creative achievements and creatives thinking scores can be found in people who carry the T/T genotype. This was surprising because beforehand researchers had demystified that T/T genotype is related to psychosis risk and altered prefrontal activation.

With that being said, finding passion in long unhappy periods of time can be unbearable. However, things can definitely turn in our favor if we approach them in a positive way. Here are three ways to find your passion even when you’re depressed:

1- Don’t Give Up

It’s easy to give up when you feel depressed, especially if you have tried your best to make something work. However, the act of giving up will make feel more like a failure than if you keep doing the thing over and over until you get the hang of it.

Even though you failed a task, mission, or job you believe deep inside that you have tried every possible way to make it work. Don’t regret what you already tried but get ready to start doing that again until you get it right.

You only have to succeed once: believe in yourself and you’ll be able to find your passion even when you are depressed.

2-Be Clear and honest about your passion

Try to be as clear and honest as you can when it comes to how you feel especially when the situation involves somebody outside of yourself.

For example, if you’re in a relationship and you got depressed because your partner refuses to be in your company, you have to make sure to let them know about how you feel. If you’re clear and honest with them you might be able to find clarity of your own and stop feeling depressed about the situation. Clarity is power, clarity will put you aloft.

3-Keep learning

Life is full of lessons, some we want, some we don’t. But every moment is an opportunity to learn. Consider life to be as a series of learning chances and value that learning is the most important part of it, you’ll find yourself on the right track to find your passion.

Here are some real-life people who turned their life for good by finding their passion in very dark depressing situations:

1-Tyson Fury, the current world heavyweight champion found passion in sports :  

Fury states that the structure in his training routine and his return to active boxing played a significant role in helping him deal with his depression. He said in one interview…” A structured routine in life is key – having short-term and long-term goals”. the moral taken from this case is that a sports routine can play a rational role in re-building a new you, a new stronger version of you.

2- JK Rowling, Harry Potter collection writer :

It’s well-known that one of the world’s most famous authors went from being a single mother in a cold-water flat to the beloved and acclaimed author who created the magical world of Harry Potter. JK Rowling chose writing as a tool to express her feelings in a personal manner, even if it gave her the chance to become one of the best-selling authors in the 21st century. Writing your thoughts and reformulating them in a story instead of overthinking can be a magical solution to your depression. Therefore, writing and reading can be extremely helpful to lessen the severity of your depression and help you find your passion now that your mind is more organized.

3-Richard Branson

Branson was also depressed. In one of his interviews, he said that he chose to start his day with exercise every morning, and was keen on eating healthier even when he’s traveling as a way to get rid of depression.

“I’ve got better at treating my body better through diet and exercise as I’ve got older, and I feel the benefits every day,” he says. “Having fun is also really important; you’re far more likely to succeed and do a good job if you’re enjoying yourself,” said Richard Branson

Everyone has their own way of dealing with being depressed, but it can be extremely helpful to find something that suits you. Knowing that you’re not the only one growing through depression could help you find better ways to try and handle your situation and eventually find your passion.