Finding Hope in Difficult Times

Hopes come in all sorts of shapes and forms and finding hope in difficult times can be hard. In the case of most 20 something-year-olds, hopes generally follow the same trajectory.

It starts first with finding something that’ll be interesting enough, paying enough to be able to take some kind of independence from your family. Second to that is being well surrounded. As in having good friends that you can count on, have a good time with, or just generally hang around. And last but not least, finding one’s self. This small list holds in longer lists at each step to be able to completely fulfill them, and though they don’t apply to everyone, they generally apply to most people in their 20’s.

My story of finding hope in difficult times

About being 20

Your 20’s are said to be the basis for the main adulting experiences you’ll have in your lifetime. You can experience as many things as you want with generally not much consequence unless what you are trying to experience is seriously dangerous. You can try different jobs, hobbies, get various diplomas in different domains, start a business or not, invest in things or people, make friends, become famous, start routines… In general, it is an age of youth, energy, anarchy, and revolution or not. To put it simply and as the saying goes: It is either where you make it or break it.

My experience

In my 24 years on earth, I have learned two main things. The first and main one is that change is inevitable. There’s only one constant in life and that is change. I say this because, as you might have noticed too, wherever I find myself and however I am; being a state of being, emotions, or even actual place, it will eventually change. Whether it takes a second or a lifetime, change is always on the way.

However, I have to add another constant that applies to me and might apply to you, too. That constant is the effect that little things and details can have on everything around you. because, whether you’ve experienced it or not it is hard to find hope in difficult times but never impossible. By little things I do not mean the literal meaning of small things, what I mean is minor things that can happen to you during the day. A sunset, a rainbow, seeing two strangers laugh over a cup of coffee, the smell of coffee, the smell of bread when you pass by a bakery, children running around, a sunray entering through a window and hitting a certain spot on the table. These and many else are taken for granted especially when you come from a place of privilege.

A human habit

Our human habit of taking things for granted is our primary enemy. You wouldn’t know how good it feels like to walk around a place until you’ve had to sit in one place for too long (as we saw in the covid madness). Yet, somehow when the barriers opened up a little bit and the restrictions eased up, the things we took for granted and missed during the lockdown, went back to their original state.

book with a page writting in it  the word hope, that represents finding hope in difficult times

The hopes that we could finally walk the streets and enjoy a day outside died out as the restrictions were lifted.

I am not trying to point fingers at anyone, if anything I am pointing fingers at myself for doing exactly what I talked about. I took for granted the freedom from before I missed it for a few months and when I could finally get my freedom back I threw it out again. However, that is not what I am going to be doing from now on. Or at least I will try to do better.

When I put my head to wanting to change my general habits or take things for granted and being inactive, I started picturing myself in a better place mentally and emotionally. Though many might not admit it, every small aspect of existence can contribute to making things better even just for the short term.

The steps I will try to achieve on a short term

The first step I will be taking towards achieving my goal of feeling better both mentally and physically will start with the tasks of sleeping early and waking up early. A simple task that is easy to do but hard to keep up with for a long period. This will be my first step towards finding hope in difficult times.