About Us

Midnight Key is an online self-discovery blog run by an independent collective of writers. We share our experiences and the lessons we have learned to help you overcome what you are struggling with.

Midnight Key is your front-row pass to everything related to the field of self-improvement and relationships.

Have you ever needed help but struggled to voice out your needs? We have known that too and it is not easy, that is why we started this blog.  Many of us have been through a lot of hard times and we’ve managed to survive through it all. How were we able to do that? Well, we wrote. A LOT.

After a while, we decided that if whatever we did helped us out, maybe the next best thing to do is to share it with the world.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoyed working on it and writing it.

-MidnightKey Team

Why we started this blog